Dear [name],

My name is [your full name] and I am requesting a meeting as a member of your
electorate. I would like the opportunity to discuss with you my support
for reform in the area of legal recognition of same-sex parented
families and altruistic surrogacy.

[brief outline of your situation and how the laws affect you, eg]
I live with my same-sex partner and our two children, two year old
twins, but the law does not protect our family or our children’s rights.
As you know, same sex relationships are now recognised federally, so my
partner is expected to provide financially for our family of four;
however she has no rights or obligations as their parent. This means,
among other things, that if she were to die, her family of origin would
be able to contest her will as her children and I are deemed "legally
strangers"; and that if I died, my mother could be deemed the babies
next-of-kin and guardian, rather than their own non-biological mother
who has been with them since birth.

I would like the opportunity to tell you about the day to day
implications of this lack of recognition, and how it affects our family,
and also to tell you about the extensive support we receive from our
neighbours, friends and other parents in our neighbourhood - your

I would like to emphasise that we are not asking you to support the
rights of same sex couples to have children. All adults already have the
right to have children, regardless of sexual orientation. Same sex
couples are already having children, and will continue to do so,
regardless of the legal situation. What we are asking for is a society
where our children have the financial, psychological and social benefits
of having their already existing family structure legally recognised.

I am available during business hours or after hours. If you could find a
time around 12pm-1.30pm, the babies (who will be accompanying me) will
be asleep in their pram, which would make it much easier for both of us
to have a discussion. Alternatively, we could meet at a playground near
your office and chat while they are distracted by slides and swings. As
you see, the day to day activities of parenting are the same, regardless
of family structure.

I look forward to meeting with you,

Yours sincerely,
[full name]
[address & phone no for electoral roll checking]

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