In late 2009, the Queensland State Government will vote on whether same sex parents should be legally recognised. We think the vote is going to be close –  we need your help. Write to your local MP, write to the community consultation, and get others to write in too.

Visit your MP!

We need people to visit their MPs and “show and tell” our families. Rainbow families, grandparents, friends, godparents – if you’re a supporter, go and tell your MP! They need to know they are not going to lose votes by voting for our children’s rights to a legally recognised family.

How do I visit an MP?

Step 1: Who is your MP? Find out your electorate here.

Step 2: Let us know you’re intending to visit! Email me at mikhela_lee*at* or write a comment below

Step 3: Send a letter to your MP requesting a meeting. There’s a sample letter here.

Step 4: Think about what you might say. Haven’t visited an MP before? here’s a guide to what to expect. Check out the research into same sex parenting. Have a look at the common concerns about rainbow parenting.  Get clear on how the current lack of recognition affects you (or the person you are supporting, if you are a family member/friend) – there are some ideas here.

Don’t feel like you know enough?

Visit our Resources & Research page to get all the background you need to go and see an MP.  We’ve got info on research into gay & lesbian parenting, how to approach an MP, and what kinds of things to say.

It’s really very simple – all you have to do is tell your own story, whether you are a rainbow parent yourself or whether you are an ally, and why you think it is important to have recognition for rainbow families.

If you can, take a photo or two – we really need to make our families real.

Stay in touch!

Let us know what you’re doing. Leave a comment here or email Molly at mikhela_lee*at*

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