When I first had my two children, I was looking for an online place to discuss rainbow parenting.  I found lots of great blogs by other rainbow families talking about their own experiences, and I blogged about my own, but I didn’t find anywhere that people were talking about general rainbow parenting issues.

My two are two years old in a couple of weeks and I think I have a couple of minutes of extra time in my day, so I’m going to try and create that space. I’d like to post three blogs a week: a rainbow parenting specific post on Mondays; a general parenting post on Wednesdays; and a “meet a rainbow family” post on Fridays. While the Queensland same sex parenting campaign is still going, I’ll post a summary of our actions for the week on Saturday evenings.  I’ll trial it for three months, starting early Dec 09, to see if other rainbow parents are keen to discuss some of these ideas.

About me:

I’m not writing as a parenting expert. I am an occupational therapist, so I know a bit about child development; and then I did a masters in Social Ecology, so I’m curious about how our society works and how we co-create it. I’m an information magpie. My partner Elisabeth* is a psychologist so we have a lot of discussions about how best to bring up our children – possibly too many!

Elisabeth and I have been together for seven years. We live in Brisbane, Australia. I have two year old twins, Pearl* and Louis*. I’m primarily a stay-at-home mother, although I do work one day a week. I like reading, writing and connecting with people. I envy people who enjoy exercising. I’m very social while my partner is quite reclusive. I’m making a documentary as a hobby, but it’s going quite slowly, and I can’t think why 😉

* Pseudonyms: actually, their middle names.

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