My apologies for my slackness in updating this blog.

The campaign for same sex parenting recognition in Queensland still continues apace, although it does seem to be going on and on forever, doesn’t it? I think it’s a ploy to wear us down.

Some recent news:

  • You’re probably aware of Lawrence Springborg’s proposed amendment to the surrogacy legislation, with surrogacy remaining a criminal offence for same sex couples and single people, and recognition of lesbian parents removed from the bill ‘to be debated separately’.  Louise did a radio interview with Sunshine Coast ABC radio, which you can listen to here. I like her focus on ‘discrimination’, emphasising the human rights angle.
  • I went to the GLBTIQ community event at Parliament House, where I met John Paul Langbroek and Lawrence Springborg in the flesh. They seemed perfectly pleasant. This was the week before Mr Springborg’s announcement, which made me wonder why he had bothered attending.
  • Seeing as we had such an instant rapport at the Parliament House event, I sent both Mr Langbroek and Mr Springborg a (handwritten!) letter talking about my family and how the current legislation affects us. I included some family snaps and the digital story “Where did I come from?” I showed you a while ago.
  • Last week, thanks to QAHC, I did a mailout to all the MPs, sending them the flyer on same sex parenting research
  • And some positive news: apparently lesbians do a better job of raising children! (Who’d have thought?)

Keep visiting your MPs!