That’s Friday September 18, so if you haven’t already sent in a letter, you can do so quickly at www.

I’ve no idea how many people have written in to support us, just like I have no idea how active the “anti” lobby has been.

Hopefully the anti-same sex parenting lobby are merely revealing themselves to be obsessed and irrational.  Don’t you  wonder why, when they profess to find it so abhorrent,  some people feel it  necessary to completely immerse themselves in thinking about the homosexual ‘lifestyle’? I suspect however, that our real problem is that the MPs are more conservative than the general community.

After tomorrow, we’ll need to get onto the next stage – approaching MPs so they get to see us as real people. It’s going to be a big job.

But don’t worry about it for now – just get your letters in (and your parents’, and your friends’, and your colleagues’…)