Following on from the excellent suggestions of Pauline & Justine, I’ve made up a flyer that I’ve dropped off to my neighbours. I just went to the neighbours I’m already friendly with – I didn’t do a mass letterbox drop or anything.  I think knowing us personally is a very powerful tool in motivating people to write and demystifying same sex families (also I’m too shy to just doorknock).  I also took a dozen copies to Playgroup this morning and handed them out. Everyone is very supportive and surprised that we don’t have legal recognition – people just assume we do.

Feel free to copy & amend to suit your own situation.

A simple email can help us legally become a family

[insert attractive family photo here]

I’m writing to ask you a favour.

I don’t know if you realise, but Louise is not legally recognised as a parent to our children.

At the moment the government is running a “Community Consultation” to see how Queenslanders feel about same sex parents being recognised as legal parents. Then they will vote on it sometime towards the end of the year. We would like you to help us by writing in.

It’s really important for us – at the moment, for example, Louise is

  • Unable to take the children to medical appointments;

  • She would be unable to pick them up from school unless I gave permission;

  • Louise is unable to sign permission slips, eg for school excursions

  • She can’t travel with them on planes without a letter of permission from me;

  • If I died, our children would possibly be sent to live with my mother, who is their legal next of kin, rather than with Louise, their own mother, who has been there for them from birth

  • If she died, her will would be open to challenges from her family – as ‘legal’ next of kin have priority over ‘strangers’.

Louise and I dreamed of these babies together. We both tried getting pregnant for many years, and I was finally successful. To us, it doesn’t matter who gave birth to them – we love them unconditionally regardless of biology. We don’t see ourselves as any different to heterosexual couples who use donor sperm, or adoptive parents – both of these sorts of families know that biology isn’t important, love is.

We are asking people to send an email to

All you need to say is ” I support the recognition of same sex parents”.

You can also cc your local member on [I put our state MP’s email address here; you can find out yours here]

If you want to write a longer letter, feel free! There is a form letter at You can read about the issues at

Thanks – your email really WILL make a difference. I’d love to hear if you do write in!

[sign & contact email]