Here is a letter Marion, a non-bio mum,  has sent to all her friends:


Hi All

As many of you know I have a beautiful 10 month old daughter Millie. Unfortunately under current Queensland law I am not legally recognised as one of her parents. Besides being insulting this is really problematic for our family.

Here are a few examples:
* I can’t make medical decisions for Millie, legally I can’t take her to see a doctor without Tash being present
* I don’t automatically have custody of Millie if something happened to Tash
* If Millie were school age I wouldn’t be allowed to volunteer in her school becuase I am not family (but Tash’s parents and sister could automatically do this)
* I’m not mentioned on the birth certificate (straight couples who use donor sperm like we did are not treated this way – the father who has no biological connection to the child (just like me) is still listed as the father)
* I’m not allowed to adopt Millie because we are gay
* I’m not legally recognised as her next of kin
* My entire extended family, in particular my parents, are also not recognised legally as Millie’s family

However there is an opportunity to change all of this and you can help! The Qld government released 2 position papers that would allow me to be legally recognised as one of Millie’s parents. The deadline to respond is Sept 18th. If there isn’t a majority yes vote it may be another 5-10 years before there is a chance to vote on this again and I can’t wait that long!! At the moment there isn’t a majority yes vote so we need to act.

Things to do to help:
1)Could you please cut and past the form letter below, add your name (address too if you can, especially qld people) and email it to the address below. Feel free to chop and change as you wish and personalise or simply add your name. We need our responses to out number the far christian right who will write against this.
2) Join the cause Same sex headed families on facebook and invite all your freinds to do the same
3) Send this email to everyone you know and ask them to send a letter
4) Write to your local MP who will vote on this later in the year and ask them to vote yes.

Thanks for your support. The form letter is below. [Marion has added the form letter from here to the body of the email]

[ name and address]