Thanks, people who have been working hard on writing to the community consultation and local MPs.

Meagan, Justine, Louise and Marion tell me they’ve written in to the community consultation (form letter to write to the consultation here).

Danielle has written to the consultation and to her local MP (find out who yours is here).

Cecilia has been a dynamo and has 12 workmates promising to write in, as well as writing letters to twenty MPs! Thanks!

Pauline has gone to talk to the  neighbours who know her and has had good responses,with most people surprised they don’t have parenting rights. Pauline says she has prepared a summary page of the issues and contact details and leaves that with them.

Shelley from PFLAG is coordinating a whole “parents point of view” letter writing campaign, also amazing.

It’s surprisingly difficult to get straight people to write in, despite everyone I talk to saying, ‘oh yes that’s ridiculous that you don’t have equal rights.  We support it’.

I’ve had one straight friend write back to me and tell me they’d write to the consultation, and Louise has had one as well.  I think it’s hard to translate an issue you support-but-don’t-care-about-very-much into action. One conversation was, “oh, yeah, that’ll just go through, won’t it?” This is not the case. It’s actually going to be very close. At the moment it looks like the Labour politicians have a conscience vote but the LNP will bloc vote. So only a few Labor pollies need to vote “no” for it to go down.

Have I forgotten anyone? Have you got anything to add?