You can just send an email to the community consultation on saying “I support recognition of same sex parents and the inclusion of gay men in the surrogacy legislation”, but if you want to write a longer letter, the one below is from the ARCQ website.


To the Director, Strategic Policy,

I am writing in relation to the release of the Queensland Government’s position papers titled, Queensland Government model for the decriminalisation of altruistic surrogacy and transfer of legal parentage and Review of the legal status of children being cared for by same-sex parents, dated August 2009.

I agree with the reforms proposed in these papers and believe they will have a significant, positive impact on many Queensland families without detracting from the existing rights of other families.

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It is important that the children of same-sex parented families have the same rights and social supports as every other child in Queensland. I want to live in a state where all children and all families are treated equally in the eyes of the law.

Prospective parents seeking to use altruistic surrogacy, regardless of whether the couple is heterosexual or same sex, will engage in informed, consenting activity with a surrogate. All parties in these arrangements deserve the protection of the Queensland law just as it is currently provided in most states and territories in Australia.

The proposed parenting presumption reform to include the birth mother’s same sex partner on the birth certificate so she can be recognised as a parent will simply extend the current recognition afforded to heterosexual couples using donor sperm for the conception of their children. It will provide important recognition and protection needed by same sex couples and their children. This reform will provide for consistency with Federal laws where same sex couples with children are now recognised as families.

I note that many states have introduced parenting presumption provisions relating only to when a medically supervised fertilisation procedure is used. I think this is an unfortunate legal emphasis on the medical model when, for at least a generation, lesbian couples and their male friends have often reached agreements to conceive children without the reliance on high levels of (expensive) medical intervention. Accordingly, I believe that the proposed reforms should focus on the relationship between the partners and to their child rather than the method of conception. I also believe that the law should be retrospective to enable partners that can demonstrate intention to co-parent at the time of a child’s birth to amend their child’s birth certificate for the inclusion of the non-biological parent.

All families deserve these rights irrespective of their family arrangement. I urge the Queensland Government to implement these changes as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely


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