It’s a momentous time in Queensland. The Premier, Anna Bligh, has proposed legislation to decriminalise surrogacy that would include the recognition of same sex parents. There are articles in the Courier Mail and the Sunshine Coast Daily. As you can imagine, the Liberal National Party has vowed to remove the clauses relating to same sex parents, and the “family associations” are predictably outraged.

We need your support! And, more than support, we need your action.

We need people to:

1. Write to the Community Consultation at There is a sample letter at Action Reform Change Queensland – it’s a simple matter to sign it there, add extra information if you like, and press “send”.

2. Write to your local MP to tell them you support the legislation that recognises same sex parents.

3. Recruit other people to do the same thing.

We particularly need lots of straight people to write in. A recent Galaxy poll (full report here, or a summary here)found that two thirds of Queenslanders support the legal recognition of the non-biological parent – however my opinion is that most people don’t feel passionately enough about it to do anything.

We are the people who need to do something!

Don’t go thinking, “Oh, there’s some well funded lobby group who’ll deal with that” – the lobby group is us, and we’re a bunch of  four lesbian mums with babies and one amazingly supportive childfree man trying to push this over the line.